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Bags, Cases & Boxes
0GBAG015 EXTRAS: Ultimate Styler Bag Heat resistant, Black quilted. 1 item
Brushes & Combs
0GBR72303 BRUSHES: Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 3: For blow-drying longer hair styles. 1 item
Detangling Combs
0GCB72020 COMBS: Detangling Wide Tooth Comb Delicate detangling, without damage. 1 item
Oval Brushes
0GBR72030 BRUSHES: Oval Dressing Brush Classic brush for daily styling. 1 item
Paddle Brushes
0GBR72000 BRUSHES: Paddle Cushion Brush Must-have, do everything brush! 1 item
Vented Brushes
0GBR72304 BRUSHES: Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 4: For blow-drying extra long hair. 1 item
Curling Irons
0GEL21000 IRONS: Curve Classic Wave Wand 1 inch Wonderful, Wonderous Waves! 1 item
0GEL21001 IRONS: Curve Creative Curl Tapered Wand 1 inch Fancy, Flirty Festival Curls! 1 item
Flat Irons
0GEL60046 IRONS: Classic 1 inch Styler For everyday styling 1 item
0GEL60101 IRONS: Gold Professional 1 inch Styler Perfect for straightening, curls and waves on all hair types 1 item
0GEL60102 IRONS: Gold Professional 2 inch Styler Perfect for Thicker Hair 1 item
0GEL60200 IRONS: Eclipse Flat Iron with Tri-zone Technology Less Heat, Hotter Hair 1 item
0GEL91045 IRONS: Pastel Collection 1 inch - Lavender Limited Edition! 1 item
0GEL91046 IRONS: Pastel Collection 1 inch - Periwinkle Limited Edition! 1 item
0GEL91048 IRONS: Birds of Paradise 1 inch - Lagoon Special Edition! 1 item
0GEL91049 IRONS: Birds of Paradise 1 inch - Sunset Special Edition! 1 item
0GEL91050 IRONS: Birds of Paradise 1 inch - Coral Special Edition! 1 item
0GEL91051 IRONS: Rose-Gold Styler Flat Iron A Luxe take on the perfect classic 1 item
Curve Iron
0GEL20001 IRONS: Curve Classic 1 inch Create Classic, Covetable Curls 1 item
0GEL20002 IRONS: Curve Soft Curl 1.25 inch Big, Bouncy Beautiful Curls! 1 item
0GEL60201 IRONS: Platinum 1 inch Tri-zone Flat Iron White 20% More Shine, 50% Less Breakage 1 item
0GEL60202 IRONS: Platinum 1 inch Tri-zone Flat Iron Black 20% More Shine, 50% Less Breakage 1 item
Hair Dryers
0GEL51000 DRYERS: Air Wonderland Hair Dryer A salon finish 2x faster 1 item
0GEL52002 DRYERS: Air Vintage Pink Hairdryer Every sale contributes $5 to Look Good Feel Better 1 item
0GEL92000 TOOLS: Air Diffuser Curls, Waves and Volume Made Easy! 1 item
Brushes & Combs
0GKTBRD1 KITS: Brush Deal #1 Special Value! 1 kit
0GKTBRD2 KITS: Brush Deal # 2 with air dryer Great Value! 1 kit
Flat Irons
0GKTPDS KITS: Pink Diamond Styling Iron Set Support Breast Cancer Awareness! 1 kit
0GKTSALRB KITS: Salon Retail Deal B Medium Intro Deal 1 kit
0GKTSALRC KITS: Salon Retail Deal C Large Intro Deal 1 kit
0GKTSTYCD KITS: Stylist Classic Deal with Air Dryer Special Deal! 1 kit
0GKTSTYED KITS: Stylist Eclipse Deal with Air Dryer Super Deal! 1 kit
0GKTSTYGD KITS: Stylist Gold Deal with Air Dryer Great Deal! 1 kit
Heat Protection
0GSAHPS6 STYLING: Heat Protect Spray Protects Hair from heat Damage 6 oz

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